Rebuild from Depression

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Rebuild Your Iron

and Rebuild Your Health
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to improve your iron status

~What you eat and how you prepare it matters.

~Discover nature's iron power-foods.

~Shop for foods that will help build your iron levels.

~Learn simple, free techniques to improve your iron absorption.

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Rebuild Your Iron

This is a 5,000 word e-book on iron and food. It includes easy to use information on the iron content of common foods. You will learn shopping and cooking strategies to improve your absorption of iron.

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Reader Testimonials

I found this book really useful following my caesarean section when I needed to build up my iron intake but didn't want to increase my medicine intake with breastfeeding. So thanks for passing on your useful hints/tips, they really helped.

Tracy, Staffordshire, England


Thank you for this book! It has been very helpful to me in planning my meals.

Megan, Indiana


Why a free e-book

There is only so much research that can fit into a 50,000 word print book. This e-book provides people with added information on iron that I was not able to include in
Rebuild from Depression. I hope it will help you with your fatigue, depression, or other symptoms that have brought you here today.