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Mission: Rebuild for 2030

The World Health Organization (WHO) projects that in 2030 depression will be the second-highest cause of years lost due to disability and early death. Depression is already the top cause of years lost for women in high-income countries.

We have the power to change depression trends and that is exactly what we are going to do.

The WHO calculates for each disease or injury what it calls DALYs – Disability Adjusted Life Years. We all know intuitively what this statistic means: as we reflect on the many of our own days, weeks, years, and decades lost in depressive hell, subtract that time from the years of our life and we have a sense of the years lost to this condition called depression.

In 2002, unipolar depressive disorders were the fourth-highest cause of time lost due to disability. By 2030, economic conditions across the globe will likely improve, reducing the health effects of perinatal conditions and lower respiratory infections – top causes of DALYs today.
Depression will remain unchecked and will stand second only to AIDS as a thief of our time on this earth.

This website and Rebuild from Depression in Motherhood give us tools to alleviate and cure our depression. One day lost to depression is one too many days. Increasingly, however, it appears that many people among us have lost the majority of years of our lives to depression and the trend only appears to be worsening. But trends can be reversed. As we have good days, we can structure our lives to reduce the time lost to depression.

Read this website. Read the book. Read other books on depression. Use the information to make your own plan. Many people feel better in just weeks after adding nutrients to their diets

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that they have been lacking. They improve enough that they can make other changes in their lives. Those people then can impact their children and grandchildren, their husbands, mothers and fathers and many family generations. Together, they can embark on a long-term path to health and wellness.

Over a period of twenty-five years, we can make some serious changes in our own lives and influence the lives of our children and grandchildren so that they will not have to suffer as they would have. Some changes I advocate in the book Rebuild from Depression in Motherhood are easy, some are hard. I talk about increasing nutrients in our diets. Taking more magnesium from a bottle is easy. There is no reason not to do that today if you need more magnesium. Changing your diet to increase your food magnesium is harder. But as that bottled magnesium helps your feel better, you will find you have the energy to make other changes.

All things worth having take commitment. Time on this earth saved from a depressive pit is certainly worth having. The easy changes can be made now, the harder things can be put on a timeline. We have nearly a quarter of a century, after all, until 2030.

There is no reason depression has to be the second-highest cause of Disability-Adjusted Life Years in 2030. We can make changes now to reverse that trend. Over the course of a quarter of a century, we can all make powerful changes in our lives.

The book
Rebuild from Depression in Motherhood provides us with tools to change these trends:

• Read about the top nutrient deficiencies associated with depression, including just about everything you need to know about them.
• Receive tools to increase these in your diet.
• Make over your current diet with the ideas in the book.
• Begin to think about structures that you can build into your life to ensure that you wake up healthier each day than you would have otherwise.

If you don’t have the book, read the information on this website. As this website develops, it will get you started on your path. If you don’t have the book because you cannot afford it, please contact me. For every ten books I sell on this website, I save a book for someone who couldn’t otherwise pay for it.

Women of all ages are
Rebuilding from Depression in Motherhood. As mothers, grandmothers, and great grandmothers, as we begin to feel better, the biggest impact we can have on changing depression trends is by influencing the choices of our children. As this site develops, you will see a lot of information about Rebuilding Our Children.
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IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: Information on this web site is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended as a substitute for the advice provided by your physician or other healthcare professional. Consult with your physician before making any changes to your diet.