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Lamb Chops: A Nutrient-Packed Meal

It is lamb chop time here in the Sequoia National Forest. Just after Easter (and sometimes just before) you can hit the grocery store and find great bargains on marked down lamb chops. If your grocery store has an area for marked down meats such as a “manager’s special,” do watch for lamb. If you…

Mom’s postcard from Hawaii

Mom is in Hawaii taking in the sun and building up her vitamin D levels. She had the nerve to send us all a postcard. “Mom, the rest of us are here windblown, flooded, frozen, and poor and you’re in Hawaii.” Mom’s Hawaiian food report:

Lamb: A great fall food that may even fight depression

Lamb is a rich food that tastes great with the new crop of butternut squash and pumpkin. It may also fight depression. In the book Rebuild from Depression, I identify the foods highest in combination of the seven depression-fighting nutrients (deficiencies of which are most associated with depression in the medical literature.) I use the…