Stuffed Sweet Peppers: Rebuild With The Flavors Of Summer

This stuffed sweet pepper recipe combines the goodness of mineral-rich crab (which may even be a food for depression) and sweet Italian peppers, roasted for added flavor. In the summer, we like to keep roasted sweet Italians on hand for just such a recipe as this. Mom describes how easy these are to make and how well they travel. This recipe is so simple you will feel almost embarrassed at the number of compliments you get with it…refreshing and subtle.

Read more about our foods for depression philosophy and enjoy the recipe below.

Enjoy the crab stuffed bell pepper video on YouTube or watch it below.

Crab Stuffed Sweet Peppers Ingredients

Crab Stuffed Sweet Pepper Steps

  1. An important key here is to roast the pepper only to the point of releasing fragrance, but not collapsing and loosing its shape.

  2. Drain the crab and mix with tartar sauce. Add the sauce a bit at a time and check for flavor. You don’t want to overwhelm that wonderful crab with dressing. When you find the right combo, the sauce actually enhances the taste of the crab rather than drowning it.
  3. Fill the roasted peppers with the crab salad.
  4. Serve cold or room temperature.

Crab Stuffed Pepper Variations

  • Fill with tuna salad.

  • Fill with salmon salad.


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  1. Sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing this recipe.

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