Beyond Organic Review: A Foodie Health-Building Business Opportunity With Jordan Rubin

The food movement is growing by the minute and it should not come as a surprise that a network marketing company is about to hit the market in a pretty big way.

Jordan Rubin of Maker’s Diet fame has founded “Beyond Organic” with a product line featuring “Green-Fed” meats and probiotic foods. If you know Rubin’s story, probiotics were critical in his recovery from a serious case of Crohn’s Disease. A “before” and “after” picture donned the cover of his earlier book “Heal Thyself” showing an emaciated and near-death Rubin compared to Rubin on a California beach looking just about as hot as any one can hope for. (If probiotics can do this for Rubin, obviously many of us are consuming far too little probiotic food.) Rubin went on to found “Garden Of Life,” the wildly successful nutritional supplement company. We see them every year at Expo West, a natural products trade show in Anaheim, and shake our heads at the speed at which that company carved itself a large space in a highly competitive marketplace.

If “Beyond Organic” is anything like Garden of Life, prepare for all the cool kids to belly up monthly for Green-Fed Beef and a kefir-like cultured dairy product called Amasai.

What Are Jordan Rubin’s Beyond Organic Products And Are They Decent?

The Beyond Organics website has fairly limited information about its product line and will not launch until the fall. Right now, they are in the “buzz” creation stage of the business, though it is rumored that a group of Texans is about to taste the Amasai product. Stay tuned for more detail on the products.

Green-Fed Beef

We can see that they are creating their own branding of beef as “Green-Fed.” Green-fed beef is in response to consumer demand for “grass-fed” beef but it does acknowledge that its beef cattle will be fed more than grass. In a video you can watch by following the link and clicking on “products,” you will hear Rubin explain that the cattle will be fed only what they can digest naturally. Rubin claims that the Omega 3 profile of the beef will meet the standard of consumers. I am extremely curious to learn more about what the cattle are actually eating and the nutrient profile.

Rubin and his wife are pictured above at their Missouri cattle ranch where, apparently, some of the beef will be sourced. Some beef will be produced locally to the Beyond Organic ranch and finished by the Rubin ranch folks.

The beef processing will follow Kosher standards but I have not confirmed that it will actually be Kosher beef.

Beyond Organic’s Amasai

One of the products is a fermented dairy beverage, called “Amasai,” like “kefir,” which Rubin promotes in his other books. It appears that he has found another good culture (and there are many) and wants to separate his product from the many kefir products that have hit the marketplace in the past five years, a market generated largely by Rubin himself. This particular culture comes from Africa. I wrote in detail about the inspiration for this beverage — amasi, an African dairy drink.

Really Raw Cheese From A2 Milk

Artisan raw cheese is a key part of their product line, sourced from “Green-Fed” dairy cattle. The cattle producing the milk are certain heritage breeds that are more likely to produce milk noted as “A2″ milk by the author of Devil In The Milk, a milk that may be associated with better human health. The jury really is still out on A2 milk, but there is a definite market for it that Rubin is tapping into here. He will also be growing this A2 market, much like he has the kefir market. (It will be interesting politically to watch how this product line develops in the larger regulatory context as regulators and anti-raw cheese folks work to curtail availability of raw milk cheese. Perhaps instead Rubin will become a big player in raw cheese safety standards.)

Beyond Organic Waters

Beyond Organic appears to offer three types of water beverages, one probiotic water, one infusion line, and one basic spring water. Bottled water is sooooo 2000 but the probiotic angle is a new one and the botanical infusion angle could have serious legs. I do not see these as big products in our household, but I can imagine that there are legions of health-oriented consumers who will guzzle these Beyond Organic probiotic waters down on their morning commutes and during other travel.

Probiotic Chocolate And More With Jordan Rubin

Beyond Organic will offer a probiotic flax seed oil, for both Omega 3 fats and probiotic value. It is intriguing to think of using this oil in a salad dressing and actually getting probiotics at the same time. Apparently Omega 3s and probiotics are somewhat symbiotic in helping each other live on the food shelf. It is not clear if this product will offer a different combination of microflora than the rest of the product line. If it does, it could be a great addition to the salad-making tool set.

When you follow the link and check out the products, you will notice the real money item among the list: probiotic chocolate with flax for Omega 3.


I signed up.

What About The “Eat Local” Standard?

Rubin himself encourages people to eat locally and grow their own. With Beyond Organic, he is making some options available to consumers who need them.

For instance, I do not have a great local source right now of probiotic chocolate and gourmet raw cheeses and Beyond Organic could fit the bill. I cannot imagine buying Beyond Organic Green-Fed Beef when I have access to beef grown one mile away, but not everyone lives in cattle country like I do. For some, the beef option will be a good one.

Beyond Organic MLM: A Business Opportunity Or Scam??

To be frank, this is a direct marketing company and we all know that there are serious problems with some direct marketing companies. These problem companies do not really provide value for their products and rely on one level of customers to sell to the next, all hoping no one will notice that no one is really buying anything, just that money is being redistributed. People get in the game and hope that they are a lucky one who ends up with some green.

Beyond Organic appears at this time to be more along the lines of the Melaluca company where you do get good products and good value and, on occasion, you find yourself spending too much because of the temptation. In fact, your local Melaluca salesperson funds her temptations by getting you in on the whole game. You pay for your stuff and she gets a commission from it which she uses to buy more Melaluca stuff. She may even make a bit more money than that. It’s a great gig if you like the product line.

So, no, the Beyond Organic MLM does not appear to be a scam. It appears to be another source of gourmet raw cheese that will tempt me every month and a genuine business opportunity for the right people. It also happens that Beyond Organic is an MLM.

Beyond Organic Compensation Plan: It Is Different

However, Beyond Organic is separating itself from the more typical MLM model with a unique compensation plan that you have access to in your back office when you sign up. It is similar to many other MLMs but it also includes a bonus of a “Healthy Living Account” you can use to pay down visits to complementary health care practitioners like chiropractors and acupuncturists. As you move up in the organization by recruiting friends to purchase products and to build businesses of their own, you will receive monthly bonuses to use for massages, gym fees, back adjustments, and just about any other health-supporting service you can imagine. There will be special deals from doctors who will want you to spend your bonus with them.

These Healthy Living bonuses fit Rubin’s mission of improving the health of the country. (It is also a great marketing angle to improve the health of the sales force directly.) The strategy also provides Beyond Organic with a unique sales angle as it approaches alternative health practitioners: “Send your patients to Beyond Organic to help fund their appointments with you.” Potentially, alternative practitioners across the country will join the promotional team.

Build A Business Or Just Eat Well And Get Healthy

It strikes me sitting here in this pre-launch stage that this is the best time to build a business around Beyond Organic if you are so inclined. Much remains to be seen with this company, but with the marketing experience, the track-record, and the consumer pulse that Jordan Rubin obviously has, I expect this company to be a blockbuster.

If the product line plays out the way I expect it to, we will have monthly temptations and we will need to fund them. When I say “we,” I mean my household and I also mean “you” if you are so inclined. If you see yourself being tempted monthly by these foods, you should get in on the ground floor here and tell your friends about it.

If you are inclined to create a stay-at-home business for yourself and if you are interested in food, this could be an extremely good opportunity for you. Minimally, I am suggesting that you have an opportunity here to pay your grocery bill, your gourmet grocery bill, and some of your doctor’s visits.

Go check it out. Sign up. It’s free and there are no obligations. As we learn more about the company, if you don’t like it, you can hit the road with no obligations.

If you do run with it, don’t overlook your chance to tell your alternative practitioners about it before Rubin himself does.

The link here has my referral ID which you will need to sign up. It also means that you are one of the first of my friends I am telling about it.

I hope you are wildly successful in your new business.

(The stay-at-home mom who referred me surely wishes you every success as well.)

Update: Many people are signing up for this program who are simply interested in buying the products. That’s great and that’s what got my attention. However, I have had some people sign up who are very serious about making a business out of this and, counting on Rubin’s reputation for quality (since the product specifics are not available yet), I am building an on-line resource to help people build this business. Visit our team website here: Beyond Organic Team Bedrock.

16 Responses to Beyond Organic Review: A Foodie Health-Building Business Opportunity With Jordan Rubin
  1. Mike Higgins

    Don’t be mislead…this is not free. There will be a fee to join, and like most MLM’s, there are different levels that you can pay to start out at. The products sound pretty good, but as you hinted at in your article, they certainly are not, nor will they remain proprietary. An email I received from BO indicated that their price structure will be “similar” to that you will pay at a store such as Whole Foods. This means that the products will be at least that expensive if not more so. In addition, like most MLM’s, the shipping and handling charges to receive the products will most likely be substantial, due to volume and weight issues of the products themselves.
    This company should be an interesting one to follow and see how it all shakes out. It is important to remember that MLM is MLM, and their products are always more expensive than comparable products out on the open market. The hook is the aspect of getting “A Check”!

    • Amanda Rose

      Hi Mike. Good points. I have seen some discussions of pricing but haven’t seen a package yet. For me, many of the features of these products are easily made at home (probiotics are a good case in point). Yet, somehow, there is a huge market for them in health food stores, some probably priced beyond what even these Beyond Organic products will be priced at. I’ve got friends buying all kinds of convenient probiotic foods. It appears I should jump into to this business or start selling all of my friends water kefir. :)

      • Christine

        Many people don’t realize it, but a “true blue” MLM is a pyramid scheme, which means if you don’t get in at the top, you can’t make money. This is NOT how Beyond Organic is set up. I’ve spoken with Dave and Shannon Johnson, who created the compensation plan, and anyone can make great money even if they join ten years from now.

        The options for signing up include a retail customer (FREE), a preferred customer (free or $19.95 annually), or a Mission Marketer ($39.95 or $199.95). Really, the way to go is the $199.95 pack. TOTALLY worth it. You can read all about them at the Back Office once you sign in.

        The quality of the Beyond Organic foods are SO much better than products at the health food store, it’s well-worth the money. Plus, it’s like “buying it from yourself.”

        Hope this helped.


    • Maurissa

      Just an update…11/17/2011
      I was just ordering at their website and you can order with no membership you just don’t pay wholsesale (20% difference) and the handling is waived if you buy at least $50. And the shipping to CA is ONLY $9!!!!!!!

  2. A great opportunity. I hope everyone checks it out!

  3. Mo

    Direct marketing is the future and the only way I know the average person can legally make a six figure income or more. Jordan Rubin is a savvy business man that is why he is going into direct marketing like donald trump and warren buffet. The key is to find a reputable company with unique products. Besides I like getting a “check” for referring people to products I love.

  4. Maile

    Hello, I am very interested in learning more. We are just starting to join the organic “band wagon” and as a family of 7 with 1 income, we’re starting out slowly. If this is a way to learn, grow and be able to get more for my family I am most interested. I didn’t see your info before joining – I just joined under Pat of Heal Thyself – but I’m interested in what you said about a website and such – could I get more info from you, please ? Thanks.

    • Amanda Rose


      Pat is setting up some support resources. I’m part of her Facebook group as well. Touch base in there with others on this


  5. Rosalie Lenihan

    I grew up in Utah, the only theocracy in America and scam central for the U.S. Direct marketing and financial schemes are the religious flimflammers lifeline.
    They prey (and pray) on their fellow church members often cleaning out the true believers savings accounts with out a twinge of shame.
    Direct marketing is just another term for ‘pyramid scheme’.
    I’m so disappointed in Rubin. I’ve read his story and thought he was an upfront guy. Putting on a cowboy hat makes him seem even more cheesy and his wife looks just plain silly!
    Oh, well!

    • Amanda Rose

      First off, his wife is hot. There really isn’t a big argument there.

      On the scam aspect, unless you buy it direct, you are paying a middleman. If you do buy it direct, the business likely paid a great deal in advertising and your price reflects it. Neither of those cases are “scams,” they are just the cost of business. Rubin at least deserves a “wait and see” on this.

      As far as the church, I’m sorry to report that Utah doesn’t have the corner on fraud. Churches, like all organizations, can be corrupt. Our task is to find one that isn’t.


  6. hostess gal

    We worked for BO. Just want to say BE CAUTIOUS. I do not have the same confidence as you do in the quality of the product or the integrity of the company. That is just one of the reasons we left the company. Be careful.

    • Christine

      I’ve tried the products which are amazing, and I have personally known Jordan for years. There is nothing to worry about.
      What did you do while you worked for them?

      • Amanda Rose


        I emailed the poster and got nothing specific back. I don’t delete comments and so I am leaving it. I invite the person to comment here if he or she is really concerned.


      • hostess gal

        All is not as it seems to be. I will not go into specifics. I too know Jordan. He is a very nice person with a vision for the future. I am not sure if the problem lies in the management of this operation’s lap, or in Jordan’s, but from what I have seen personally, the integrity of the products is in question. That is all I can say at this time.

        • Mike Collins

          Hostess gal,

          I would really like to talk to you about this company. You can contact me
          You can use an email acct. that does not contain your name or have any connection to you if you like. I will not ask you to reveal your identity.

          I have serious reservations regarding this company and their compensation structure and I’m currently doing research on it. I hope you will reach out to me.

  7. carolyn

    I read that Jordan’s NMD and PhD are from noncredited schools. Peoples University of Americas School of Natural Medicine is a noncredited school with no campus. PhD, Academy of Natural Therapies was ordered in Hawaii in 2003 to shut down, a non credited correspondence school.

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