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Iron Rich Foods Website

Iron is an important nutrient for brain health. Low iron levels have been implicated in postpartum depression in particular. Iron deficiency is common in both women and children — rates are nearly 10% in both groups. Your child’s pediatrician bird-dogs your child’s iron levels (I hope) because iron is critical in the growth of the child’s body and brain.

Because of the importance of iron and the many people seeking out information on food iron every day, I have developed a website dedicated to the iron content of food. Check out the iron rich foods website. The site has about 2,700 pages and is still growing. (Yes, that’s right.) Each page is dedicated to a food in the USDA nutrient database.

You can help build this website by providing recipes for these pages. Mom provided one on beef liver. Read more about submitting recipes. (Alert: backlink opportunity.)

In 6-8 weeks there will be a digital paper available on that site of approximately 100 pages that reviews the peer review literature on food iron in a consumer-friendly manner, along the lines of the phytic acid paper I offer. The iron paper will then very soon become a print book as well. You can become an affiliate for these products — just email us at — info (at) rebuildmarket (dot) com — If you have emailed us in the past, I am behind in everything and I am trying to catch up. If I did not respond to you, please don’t take it as rejection, just know things have been a bit out of whack around here this season.

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  1. Charlotte A. Ralff, RD

    I am a registered dietitian and recently took graduate classes in pediatric nutrition. Iron is very important for young children, and in fact is an international crisis that we just don’t talk about too much. The WIC program was started in the 1960′s in the US as a way to combat iron deficiency in children of lower income families, and has been relatively successful.

    Amanda, keep up the good work of spreading the news about how nutrition can combat depression and stress.

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