Fermentation Crock! Fun Stuff in My Kitchen

TSM_crock.jpgFermentation Crock: Seasons are changing here in the Sequoia National Forest. Our summer garden works to provide the last bit of nutrition and good eating for our household. It never reached the peak of “Oh goodness, what *will* we do with all of this?” but as we grow nostalgic already, we look to preserving the last little bit of squash we can grab from the garden or the fruit stand.

A great tool has come, just in the nick of time: a fermentation crock.

If you’ve read this blog for its four years of being, you know we love fermented food. Fermentation improves the B vitamin content of foods (as I discuss in the book Rebuild from Depression), it increases the antioxidant content, and it unlocks iron and other minerals, making the minerals more bio-available.You can ferment in old fermentation crocks like these or you can ensure a better outcome every single time with a proper fermentation crock. I include a fermentation crock here on this site under “sauerkraut crocks” that is really great but I do believe they are being priced out of the market — free shipping to boot — if you manage to grab it in time.

TSM Fermenting Crock
10 Liter (about 2.5 gallons): Check the price!
15 Liter (about 5 gallons): Get the price!
20 Liter (about 5 gallons): Check out the price!

What makes this sort of fermentation crock special (besides simply the beauty of it), is the groove that allows for water. It is a pottery-style airlock for those who ferment other items like drinks, you know that an airlock allows your fermented items to ferment with a much reduced risk of “turning.” If you have produce in these crocks with any reasonable market value, you will save money simply by improving your success rate. My old-time success rate was about 65% with 1 in 3 batches going bad.

This crock is sourced from Poland and is sold on Amazon. The price point is very good, but don’t forget to buy the weighting stones — they are extra. Poland has a great reputation for fermented foods and for pottery and the beauty of this fermentation crock does not disappoint.

I predict that this crock will not last through the buying season. In fact, if there is a size you like, I wouldn’t let it sit in your shopping cart. Get this fermentation crock before it’s gone.

Fun Fermentation Crock Uses

Most people think of sauerkraut or kimchi when they think of fermenting food in a crock, but you can use a crock to ferment literally anything.

Fruit Compote In A Fermentation Crock

I use a small-sized fermentation crock to ferment fruit — usually a smaller version of the pickling crock pictured at right. If I have a batch of fruit that is ripening and I cannot use it all, I put it in a crock, usually with water kefir, weight it down as you do with any food ferment, and let it ferment until I like it or am otherwise ready to use it. Fermentation actually preserves the vitamin C content of the fruit and it reduces the fruit sugars as well.

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  1. Melanie

    Have you tried Ebay??? Look under stoneware crock… they have quite a few to choose from… something for every budget and family size!

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