Oyster nutrient content: A mineral-rich, depression-fighting food

Oyster is packed with nutrition. It is an exceptional source of zinc, iron, and vitamin B-12, all nutrients that fight depression. In fact, it is so high that I consider oyster to be a “depression buster food” as I describe in the book Rebuild from Depression.
But what to do with oysters? Canned oysters I like to use in soups much like clam chowder or in dips like this clam dip. If you buy oysters fresh on the shell, check out Diane’s very simple recipe for steamed oysters or her tantalizing fried oyster recipe.

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  1. mmmmm… i love those tins of smoked oysters. i can eat them right out of the tin – no cracker, nothing with them. though a little red wine helps chase them down!

  2. David Brown

    There’s a lot of excitement about using omega-3 rich foods and supplements to fight depression, improve cognitive function, treat mood disorders, and battle various chronic inflammatory conditions. Unfortunately, the problem of excessive omega-6 intake pretty much gets ignored. Omega-6 is the ubiquitous, anonymous, invisible ingredient in the food supply that most people know nothing about. And most of those who are aware of the hazard have underestimated its importance. But not Dr. Bill Lands. Check this out: http://trusted.md/blog/vreni_gurd/2010/02/28/how_good_are_you_at_choosing_healthier_fats

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