Magnesium Taurate for Depression?

Magnesium taurate may well fight your depression. I wrote about a study of mice where one group was magnesium-deprived and then thrown into a tank of water (magnesium and depression). In studies of mice, researchers consider them “depressed” if they do not swim in a tank of water but simply paddle about only enough to keep their head above water. If those magnesium-deficient mice were given magnesium taurate, they likely would swim with much more vigor. The taurine form of magnesium may give us a one-two punch because taurine is an amino acid that is associated with brain health. Furthermore, amino acid chelated minerals such as magnesium taurate and magnesium glycinate are highly absorbed. The ionized mineral products such as Calm are also good picks.

The Form of Magnesium: “Fancy” Magnesium?
There is a push in the food supplement industry today to provide higher quality supplements to consumers. Some of it is real; some of it is hype. One of the pushes in mineral supplements is to provide amino acid chelate forms of minerals. They are more expensive but they are better absorbed. The question is: “Do we need that level of absorption or can we get by with the cheaper version?”

I’ll tell you this: Any form is better than none, so start taking some today.

However, I do try to find the amino chelate form of the minerals (or an ionized magnesium) when I am low in it.

What made me decide to go this route was actually a conversation with a dairy science nutritionist. He sells amino acid chelated forms of minerals to dairies to keep their cows in tip-top nutritional shape. I asked about humans.

He said: “It’s all a lot of hype.”

He went on to say that dairy cows really need the added absorption benefits of the more expensive form of the supplement because “they are under constant stress.” Indeed, with their milk production requirements, they are under a great deal of stress. “Humans are never under that level of stress so they don’t really need the higher-end supplements. It’s all hype.”

“But I had a zinc deficiency in pregnancy,” I added.

“Well, pregnancy is another matter. That’s what I would call a high-stress situation.”

And as we talked, I am sure I could have gotten him to admit to quite a number of “high stress situations” that humans find themselves in. Many of us put such great stress on ourselves with high expectations. The stress is different than sleeping outside in the rain like a dairy cow, but it is stress nonetheless. After my discussion with the dairy nutritionist, I decided that if it was good enough for a dairy cow, it was good enough for me. For depression, it may be magnesium taurate, magnesium glycinate, iron gluconate, or zinc picolinate (or some other mineral form that ends in “ate”).

Particularly when I am under stress, I provide every opportunity for my body to get what it needs. I don’t need new problems, nor do you. For magnesium taurate I like this product at Amazon: –>check it out<--.

2 Responses to Magnesium Taurate for Depression?
  1. This is interesting. I wonder if you can get the same results with epsom salt baths?
    A friend had recommended I start giving my daughter a mg supplement, but I did the baths instead and as a side bonus her sleeping improved a ton. I’m not sure if it’s the mg in the epsom salts or what, but I find the whole thing fascinating.
    I’m doing a post on epsom salts later this month, if you think epsom salts would work this same way I’d love to link to you in it. Just let me know. :)

  2. This is one of the most interesting forms of Magnesium. It is one of the only salts wherein the other compound (taurine) has its own significant benefits. It also seems to be harder to obtain, and somewhat less popular than other forms.

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