How much folic acid in beef liver? A whole lot

The great thing about beef liver is that it has the real food form of folic acid, folate, and it has a whole lot of it. Liver contains over 65% of the daily requirement of folate for a 30-something woman.
You can check out folic acid in food at a list developed by the USDA. Note that most of the top foods are “enriched” — folic acid was added to the food. There are exceptions at the top of the list like various beans, asparagus, and okra. Beef liver is right there with those high folate foods near the top of page 2. It is the high level of folate in liver along with the B-12, B-6, zinc, and iron that make liver a depression-fighting food.
The big question with liver, however, is not if it is nutritious. It is “how to actually eat liver?” Our favorite liver recipe is Mom’s fried liver and onions. It is slightly breaded and flash fried. You might also want to check out ideas from Mom about side dishes that go with liver and onions.

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  1. Cheryl Coder

    I barely brown my grass fed liver. I cut it into approx. 2 inch squares and freeze. Then I put the frozen squares into a freezer bag. Several days a week I dice up one frozen liver square and put it in a cup. I then pour hot beef broth over it into the cup and enjoy. This way I get a little liver boost several times a week! And the liver is tender this way and not overlooked.
    Appreciate your work so much.

    Cheryl Coder

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