Is bologna healthy or a junk food?

Is bologna healthy or a junk food?
Ohhh, who comes up with these questions? All I can picture when I think of bologna is the bologna sandwiches I used to eat at my grandma’s house on Wonderbread. Maybe it’s the Wonderbread but it is very hard to imagine that bologna is healthy. Let’s look at the numbers.
In the book Rebuild from Depression I list top foods that fight depression. Many of the top foods are actually in bologna. Remember that bologna is basically a mash-up of all of the parts and pieces of beef they can’t package any other way. Heck, bologna could well have just about anything in it and, somehow, that is actually what makes it somewhat nutritious (you see, I still have to qualify with “somewhat” because of that Wonderbread).
In the graph below I present the vitamins and minerals of focus here at the Rebuild Blog for “bologna” based on data from the USDA nutrient database.
So maybe if we pass up the Wonderbread, we should eat bologna for B-12. If so, I would probably still shop for quality.
In fact, with the growing interest in gourmet grass fed beef items, you can even buy grass fed bologna these days. (Here is some bologna for $7.98/pound.) You can expect this beef to be leaner and it may have a bit more of the beneficial Omega 3 fatty acid (Omega 3 and grass fed beef).
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