Homemade pesto, a summer ritual

Abundant and prolific herbs is a sure sign of summer. Back in graduate school my husband and I grew herbs on the porch of our apartment and always focused on basil. By this time of year we harvested our prolific basil and turned it into pesto that we dined on all year long. The only difference these days is that we grow the basil in a large garden among a sea of summer produce. The basil is still one of my summer garden favorites. Among mom’s many videos here on this blog preserving the taste of summer, making pesto may be one of the most simple and rewarding.
Preserving the taste of summer is a great way to save money and enjoy good food all year long. It is a subtle but important way to take charge of your food and live differently. For other ideas on living differently, check out other posts on this “Fight Back Friday.”
View the pesto video directly from YouTube (making pesto) or watch it below.
For other food preservation nuggets check out Mom’s videos on fruit leather, frozen “pepper plops” (from cooked pepper), freezing produce, and using overgrown zucchini.
If you struggle at all with depression, get the Rebuild book on depression and food nutrients, endorsed by food writer Nina Planck.

4 Responses to Homemade pesto, a summer ritual
  1. Love your blog.

  2. I love the book! Although it’s been tough getting through the story of your depression cause it brings back memories of my own…don’t we wish sometimes we could get a do-over! But since we can’t and my oldest will be 25 next Friday, I press on! I keep recommending the book when ever I can.

  3. Love, love, love Pesto.
    I’m going to check out that book. I think it’s too bad the medical community doesn’t give nutrition a better look.
    I struggle with growing my basil. Not sure what I do wrong. I know our soil here is extremely acidic.

  4. You ladies are the best.
    Cathy — Does your basil get plenty of water?

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