Energy-boosting, mood-lifting, and frugal: A liver round-up


“There’s something about liver” is my code phrase for: “We know it is packed with nutrients, but there is something else too. People can get a lift from it.”

Adele Davis actually adored liver. She was the go-to person on nutritious home cooking back when my mother was raising me. Adele Davis claimed that liver has an “anti-stress factor.” Perhaps the anti-stress factor is the “something,” but who knows. We do know that liver is loaded with minerals and vitamins. Liver from animals grazing on grass is also high in the brain-building Omega 3 fatty acid [liver and Omega 3s].

The great thing about liver is that it really is pretty cheap. You can find organic liver for $2-3 per pound. As the center of your meal, a family of four could easily eat well on one pound of liver. Most of us are probably looking for cost-saving food strategies in these bad economic times. You will find more cost-saving ideas at The Nourishing Gourmet’s Pennywise Platter.

Check out Mom’s videos below with recipe ideas for liver.

If you would rather pass because of the strong flavor of liver, consider a desiccated liver tablet. The tablets do not have the fats but they are great sources of iron and are actually used in body-building to help build muscle mass. I take liver tablets when I’m dieting to curb my hunger and give me a bit of an energy boost. I take four liver tablets three times throughout the morning for a total of twelve a day. My preferred brand for quality and price is the tablet Terri just won in the last twice-weekly giveaway.

Watch mom’s latest liver video on Moroccan liver salad. Read more about it here: Moroccan liver salad.

Mom’s classic liver recipe is the flash fried liver with the recipe here: Flash fried liver.

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9 Responses to Energy-boosting, mood-lifting, and frugal: A liver round-up
  1. Awesome! I am definitely going to check out your mom’s video’s! We try to eat liver fairly often and I am slowly learning to like it. ;-)
    Thanks for being part of the carnival!

  2. I eat it because I feel great when I do, but I’m with you on the “slowly learning to like it.” :)

  3. As much as I need a good recipe for liver, I don’t have 9 minutes to watch the video! It would be great if you would include a written breakdown for us skimmers! Thanks! :)

  4. Hubby and I actually enjoy liver (the girls not so much)but I only know one way to cook it. Thanks for the videos!

  5. Katie,
    The links will take you to the written recipes and instructions.

  6. Lynne

    I never liked liver thanks to my mom frying it until it was dry and leathery. My sister cured me of my dislike. Now I saute some finely chopped onion, add cubed liver, and chopped tomatoes and then just simmer until the liver is cooked through. It keeps the liver very tender and moist. And tasty!!!

  7. That does sound good and simple. I think there was a whole generation of Adele Davis-reading moms who missed the memo on how to cook liver. People currently 40-50 years old were tortured by liver shoe leather.

  8. Margaret Yoder

    What type of desiccated liver do you use? I couldn’t find the info anywhere…

  9. Margaret,
    I looked for my links and couldn’t find them either! I take the Ultra 40 product on this page:
    It’s available at a lot of Internet discounters.

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