Grass fed beef liver: Vitamins, Minerals, Omega 3s

Beef liver is my “food of recovery,” a food that replenishes me of nutrients when I have been through a rough patch. It is absolutely loaded with vitamins, minerals, and fats and, by chance, loaded with the nutrients that help keep our brains healthy.

Depression is complex with many causes, but some folks (like me) have had diet deficiencies that have aggregated their depression. We need good food to be healthy. Our brain needs good food for it to be healthy. It might catch up to us in our older years in the form of Alzheimer’s or we might get some early warning signs (as I did) that things like low-fat diets are a real bad idea. We need healthy fats, particularly Omega 3 fatty acids, but some of the foods we shunned in the low-fat diet crazes of the 80s and 90s are foods that have other key nutrients: beef, for instance, is an exceptional source of iron. Most plant-based foods and low-fat foods in general are not. Low iron has been linked to postpartum depression.

It is worth a try if you want a boost. I wrote about my liver regimen in liver and vitamins and minerals and describe its Omega 3 content in Liver and Omega 3s, particularly liver from cattle on a grass-based diet (see figure below).

If you are stumped on how to cook it, check out Mom’s recipe for flash-cooked liver. She descibes her process in our own kitchen via a YouTube video. I’ve got another interesting liver recipe video waiting in the wings.


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