Food Science Oldies but Goodies from Rebuild (with graphs!)


I was strolling through some of the old content on this blog and discovered that I have apparently blogged about a good number of food science tidbits. The book Rebuild from Depression (coming this summer, really) has several chapters discussing food science. Here on this blog you can find a sampling. One great thing about a blog instead of a book is that I can include pictures more easily. Pictures of course mean graphs (or visualizations if you want to get fancy).

You will find a number of tidbits on the effects of grass feeding on meat and dairy:

Grass fed beef: An Omega 3 super food? (Two graphs!)

Beef liver and Omega-3s in grass fed beef (Graph included!)

CLA in dairy products (as a function of time on pasture) (Graph included!)

There is some good wisdom on Omega 3 and seafood:

Best Omega 3 food sources: Fish and seafood (Two graphs!)

Wild fish: Benefits and what to look for

Grass fed beef: An Omega 3 super food? (Two graphs! One graph on the Omega 3 content of fish)

Read about Omega 3 eggs and the ratios of Omega 6s to 3s in vegetable oils (Graph!)

Read the whole Omega 3 roundup: Omega 3 and depression.

There are a number of profiles of specific foods, but be careful, most came from a crazy contest:

Beef (Graph!)

Beef liver (Graph!)

Squirrel (Graph! Yes, a graph for squirrel!)

Blackeyed Peas (Graph!)

High iron foods (Graph! It includes caterpillar! Yum!)

Check out soy and phytic acid. Graph!

There are some general articles on “nutrient loss” as well. The most fascinating is “Nutrient Loss in the Food Supply” on the decline of nutrients in fresh produce over the last half-century. You can also read about all of the nutrient loss in your own kitchen due to cooking techniques.

Enjoy the tidbits. Feel free to re-post the graphs on your website if you have one attributing this blog.

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