Fruit: For the birds? Try plastic bags


Our family orchard has three trees that are already bearing fruit. I look forward to the fruit but I do not look forward to fighting the birds for the fruit. I don’t mind sharing but birds have a way of clearing a tree. We have gone to great trouble to net our trees. but fussing with each free net is not my idea of entertainment. In fact, we could not face the nets this year.

As our cherries began to ripen and I wondered how many we would actually eat, our friend Gerry happened by one day and discussed her orchard in the context of sampling her apricot jam. She mentioned casually, “I save those plastic bags from the grocery store and tie them to the tree limbs. They scare the birds away!”

The sun had not set that day when I noticed our cheery tree cluttered with plastic grocery bags.

That was a few weeks ago and I have made it my duty to spend at least 10 minutes with that tree every day enjoying those cherries. I look forward to the nectarines and plums.

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