Summer garden: Waiting on the sun

Mom and Frederick planted seeds back in April which are now ready to burst out of their pots and garden beds if only they had some sunshine. The heat wave in mid-May that caused them to leap out of their six packs was replaced by an unseasonal cold spell.

When the sun does hit, we are set to be over-run with produce. We planned a small garden for the season because we were “too busy” for anything bigger. We just don’t seem to do much around here that is small. The garden plans have mushroomed. I do not know exactly how many tomato plants we will have but I did overhear a conversation between my mom and husband,

“Sander, could you please pick up seventeen tomato cages when you’re in town?”

I expect we had quite a few tomato cages already and now we have seventeen more.

My mom has been collecting seed for a “perfect tomato” for our area and has quite an assortment of heirlooms. What is great about the tomatoes is that we can plant them in our orchard under the young trees and water both at the same time. It really gets better because a hen house sits in the middle of the orchard. Then hens fertilize the crops and do not bother the tomatoes. It doesn’t get much better than that (except that we move the tomatoes around so this tomato nirvana only comes around every few years).

With a wedding at this house in a short two months from now, we have another garden area planted with summer vegetables and wedding flowers. We could probably serve fresh garden produce to the 180 people coming to visit, though I do have plans to eat most of it myself.

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  1. Dear Amanda, I hope you are doing well. I haven’t heard from you in some time and my heart became burdened. I will be praying, hoping all is ok. Your blogging friend.

  2. Aww Diane. Thanks for your concern. :)
    I am doing well considering I’m pretty tired and no longer fit in my pants. I have been working on the computer only about two or three hours a day and trying to finish a project in development for my for-pay work. I’m in the beginning of the second trimester now and figure I’ve got ten or so weeks before I have to be extra careful and have no work expectations.
    I did have a quick ultrasound on Friday and we determined that there is a human baby in here growing.
    I will really try to post an update soon.

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