Memorial Day grill: Burgers, of course

I’m rounding out my first trimester and I am ready to eat burger. It’s great that my food needs and Memorial Day weekend have coincided. The grill is ready for the season and the burger is thawing. The biggest question is whether we’ll have to fight the rain to get to the grill. There is always the stove top.
The burgers for the weekend will not only be good, but they will also be local. This beef was brought to us by a steer raised about two miles from here, on land with year-round pasture.
Since the steer was finished on grain for only a couple of weeks, it tends to be very lean and a little more tough than the burger you would find at SaveMart. We add a lot of onion to the beef and call it good. My mom has experimented with a bunch of different hamburger approaches with this beef, but I find that many taste more like meatloaf. I like a more pure burger taste myself even if (or even because) the grease doesn’t drip down my cheek.
I think I’ll have about five burgers today, one for me and about four for the baby of course.
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3 Responses to Memorial Day grill: Burgers, of course
  1. we are doing lasagna. hooray for freedom!

  2. Hey Amanda! I was thinking of you this AM when I did my pregnancy test. I’m the 50 yr “old” blog friend who after you and my daughter making wise cracks….well I did a test….NO I’m not pregnant. YES it’s menopause!!!! Sigh!
    Just wanted to say thanks for the Moroccan dish! I feel in love with Moroccan food when we passed through Ashville NC and ate at The Jerusalem Garden! OMGosh it was the most fabulous food I’ve ever eaten. I can’t wait to try your mom’s dish. Give Frederick a hug! Be Blessed Today!

  3. Thank you Diane!
    Congratulations on your test! ? LOL
    That Moroccan dish is really fab and easy. Report back on how you like it.

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