Redwood Office

When I need air and am not under a big deadline, I bring my laptop and lunch here for the day. I start my work time with a hike on the Trail of a Hundred Giants, work until my battery is out, and take another hike. The road to the Trail will close any day now, so I took this photo on my last trip up there to have a nice memory of my favorite workspace. Though today it is so beautiful here that I may have to go one more time. Living in the middle of nowhere has its advantages. Of course, it’s easy to forget the advantages when you want to go to a movie or order out for Thai food.

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  1. I was really interested to stumble across your blog today! When I was going through my depression (10 years ago) I felt like I had no resources available to me, but now it’s great to see people on the web who are fighting and defeating the enemy of depression! :)
    I think my depression was linked to my diet then, (partly) and a good diet certainly would have been an asset. Looking forward to reading around your site!

  2. Hi Liberty. Sorry to take so long to respond, the comment feature wasn’t working for a while. Thanks for the link to your blog! You take care

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