Roasted Sweet Italian Peppers: Using the Summer’s Bounty

We’ve had a pepper bonanza of late and this is one of our favorite ways to cook them. It’s easy to do and there are rarely any leftovers.
Read on for the recipe, view the video by clicking on the “play button” in the image below, or go directly to YouTube to watch Roasted Peppers.

Mom writes:
For years I’ve grown sweet Italians for the rich flavor they add to sauces and salsas. Only in the last few years have we been roasting them. I had never heard of them! In reading an autobiography I came across the concept and came up with this preparation. (The autobiography was not a cookbook, unfortunately.) Roasted peppers now stand as a hallmark of great summer eating in this house.

I’m writing this up to serve four. But, double, triple, quadruple the recipe because you will want lots of leftovers to include in your lunch box, to serve beside a green salad, to use as appetizers to impress friends and relatives.
16 large sweet Italian peppers (You want nice thick walls.)
4 large cloves garlic, minced
4 tablespoons olive oil
1. Wash the peppers and allow to completely dry.
2. Cut off the stem ends and pull out the seedy white membranes.
3. Turn the peppers upside down and tapped on the cutting board to shake out any loose seeds. The seeds tend to be bitter. Compost them!
4. Pour the oil and minced garlic into a large glass baking pan and mix the two.
5. Add the peppers and toss until each pepper is totally coated with garlic oil.
6. Cook at 350 for about 50 minutes. When the peppers have begun to brown just a bit and are beginning to collapse, they are done. You could cook them longer, but they begin to dry out and loose flavor. This is ALL about flavor!
7. Sprinkle with salt and serve. I love chunky sea salt, but it won’t stick to the peppers. Sorry!
• Try different varieties of pepper. Each has its own special perfume.
• Try sticking cubes of mozzarella into peppers that have large cavities. The cheese will melt and run out to come extent, but the flavor is so good, no one complains.
• Sprinkle freshly grated Romano over the peppers after they are cooked and keep in the oven for another two or three minutes to get a good melt.

6 Responses to Roasted Sweet Italian Peppers: Using the Summer’s Bounty
  1. Question for Jeannie Rose: those cheese-stuffed peppers look wonderful! How long do you bake them for? Same as the olive oil/garlic ones, 45 minutes at 450?

  2. Hi Eileen. It looks like your comments and mine are the only ones to get caught in the SPAM filter and all of the SPAM makes it through. :)
    My mom says, yes, they are about the same roast time. When you begin to smell them, keep a close eye on them

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  5. kate

    Hi I purchased some peppers today that the man called “sweet Italians” – however, they are longer and skinnier than the ones in the video. Do you think I should just go ahead and try roasting them as you do? Many thanks, kate

    • Amanda Rose

      Yes, give them a try. Let us know how they turn out.

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