Eat Local Challenge: September 2007

I described in July my plan for participating in this year’s Eat Local Challenge. I planned to forage all of my own food here in the Sequoia National Forest. The exercise, air, and sunshine are just what the doctor ordered.
It was a good plan. Back in July my biggest fear was that the bobcat would have eaten all of our hens and I would have no eggs. In fact, we have five hens. I could live on eggs and garden produce in a pinch, no problem at all. (It’s good to have food options in case the whole foraging plan goes to seed.)

The New Plan
But health problems actually intervened. I posted earlier this month about the high levels of uranium in our ground water. My thyroid is the proverbial canary in the mine for heavy metal problems and the several months of low energy in the afternoon should have been signal enough for me that I might have heavy metal exposure.
I considered various detox plans. What I landed upon was something rather novel and, perhaps, crazier-sounding than foraging for my food in September. I started a milk fast, something doctors called “The Milk Cure” or “The Milk Diet” early in the last century.
The Milk Diet used to be used to treat heavy metal toxicity and for hypothyroid conditions. That’s a two-for-one deal as far as I am concerned. I actually did the diet out of sheer curiosity about eighteen months ago and did find some benefit in it. I knew it would be worth a try for me under these circumstances.
I started the diet August 4th, cheated about a week later, and have added fruit to the milk on occasion. Beyond those cheats, it’s all milk. My plan was to do the diet in August and then taper down just before the big month of foraging. The problem is that I am feeling so good right now, I do not want to do anything different. I have gotten more work done in the last three weeks than I probably ever have in any other three week period.
My plan for September, then, is to continue to drink this local milk. This is just about the easiest and most boring approach to the Eat Local Challenge I can imagine. (Food boredom is the biggest issue with the milk diet.)
In honor of the theme of this year’s challenge — preserving your own local food — we will be posting some relevant food videos by mom. She has a video on freezing peppers and one on making use of those overgrown zucchinis. Further down the pike is her process for drying tomatoes without a food dehydrator. She will share some recipes for those dried tomatoes as well.
What You Can Do
Visit the Eat Local Challenge site for a list of ways you can participate in the challenge. This is definitely not a one-size-fits-all challenge. You can participate by investigating local food sources, cooking a meal each week with local food, or contributing pictures of your local food to their collection. Check it out. It’s worth the read.

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  1. Hi Amanda -
    I love that you are working eating local into your regime, in whatever ways may be possible at this time. Thanks for linking to us!

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