Liver, Vitamins, and Minerals: More on Why I Like Liver

People who read this blog know that I think liver is the new black and the food most likely to keep our energy up and keep us on an even keel. I eat it as much as possible. As it turns out, I do get sick of it pretty quickly and then take some in a freeze dried form. It is like a miracle in my skillet and just short of a miracle in freeze dried form.
Liver is known for its B vitamin content. It is so loaded with vitamin B-12 that it challenged my graphics program to display it. It is one of the best sources of folate – a critical depression-fighting nutrient that is difficult to get enough of in our diet.

For those working on iron levels, liver is a good pick as well. Liver has a high iron content in a form that is absorbed well by your body. It is as excellent source of zinc.
I have written previously that liver from cattle grazing on grass is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids.
There is no food that is absolute perfection. Liver would approach perfection if it could provide us with more magnesium. Though the fact that it tastes good with sautéed greens (which are a good source of magnesium), may have been part of Mother Nature’s design.
When I face a busy period in my life or fear a down cycle is on the horizon, I try to eat liver about three times a week. Within the first week I notice a difference in my energy levels and my ability to handle stress. After two weeks I feel even better.
Find organic beef liver at Whole Foods or your local health food store. (The figure above is for braised beef liver.) Most will be able to order it for you if they do not stock it. Lamb liver is a great pick as well. Chicken liver has a slightly lower nutrient profile, but is still a great pick.
For fellow liver experimenters, send me your favorite recipes. In late summer and fall we will be testing as many liver recipes as we can manage. We’d like to include yours. Just email me through the contact page on the website.

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  1. I’ll have to get some liver recipes together for you. Will send you a link when I’ve done that. Mean time, I wrote a while back about the Anti Fatigue Factor in Liver, a Factor science has not yet isolated but has proven to exist. Raw liver is best to get your B12 of course so I end the post with an easy way to eat raw liver. No chins dripping with blood as your neighbour walks in the door..

  2. Thanks Joanne! I need to find that 1951 article. I have intended to for a while and haven’t made much of an effort yet.

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