Hall and Oates: Rock Group and Depression Buster?

Samantha should be in marketing because she has made a great pitch for Hall and Oates in the Rock Group and Depression Buster? Contest.
She writes:

Not only are *Oates* low in phytic acid so they don’t have to be soaked, they are chock full of protein and a few B vitamins! Start your morning off right with a bowl of Hall and Oates!

Oats are a great food. The USDA database tells us that one cup of oats has about ΒΌ of our recommended intake of magnesium and about 1/6 of our recommended intake of iron. That’s not bad for a really delicious breakfast cereal. Oats do have some phytic acid that bind to those minerals, soaking would help, particularly if you added a bit of fresh ground wheat to the cereal (read more about that trick here).
But I’ve been known to eat it unsoaked and even in cookies. I think Samatha’s guilty of the cookie thing too because she happened to mention “Lace Cookies.” Mmmm. That’s Samantha’s former life though. She reports:

But now, the only way I really eat oats is in oatmeal. I love to add almond extract to the oats, and eat it just like that — nothing else added.

Oats are not on the official depression buster list, but they are tasty. And Hall and Oates takes me back to my teen years. For any other survivor of the 1980s, I just want to leave you with something that will play in your head for the rest of the day:

I can’t go for that.
No can do.
I can’t go for that.
No can do.

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  1. Dawn

    Great article Amanda!
    Hall & Oates are definitely my antidepressant!! I love Oatmeal too!!
    I hope it’s ok, I linked this page to my Hall and Oates Forever Discussion Board webpage: http://z9.invisionfree.com/HallandOatesForever/index.php
    Thanks for the info.

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