A Healthy Pizza?

We have treated ourselves to the best pizza I have ever tasted, all inspired by my idea to “makeover” some traditional comfort foods.
We went with a seafood theme since seafood fills the list of depression buster foods. Shrimp and iron-packed clam were the features.

The gold standard in pizza makeovers would be a homemade, whole-grain sourdough crust. Sourdough is the gold standard in reducing phytic acid in whole grain flour and phytic acid inhibits your mineral absorption. All the while this makeover was in process, scientists were presenting a paper at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society that showed that pizza dough allowed to ferment longer is also higher in antioxidants.
I took the cheater’s approach however and used a sprouted whole grain crust from Alvarado Bakery. I was busy, didn’t feel like baking, and I have intended to try this crust. It’s very good.

For a seafood pizza, a white sauce tastes better than a red sauce in my opinion. You could use a ready-made Alfredo sauce or make your own. I actually made a white gravy much like grandpa used to make for breakfast. I used butter as the fat along with garlic, white flour (gasp), salt, and pepper. I should probably post a recipe but grandpa never had one either. The butter was from cows feeding on pasture, a butter higher in depression-fighting Omega-3 fatty acids than the regular butter you find in a store.
Putting it together
I smeared the sauce on the crust and spread on the canned clams. Then I added the shrimp. I sprinkled a bit of Dubliner’s cheese on top (a KerryGold cheese from cows living on pasture).
I followed cooking instructions that came with the crust and within minutes we were eating dinner.

Frederick even liked it. He’s the modern-day “Mikie.”
My dad, who supervised the sauce creation (though he called it “gravy”), said after a bite or two, “Oh yes, this is a depression buster pizza. I feel better already.”
It was very good.
The season is finally changing here and we’ll be able to add a little more vegetable color to the pizza makeover. But in general, for a home-cooked fast food, we got good sources of vitamins, minerals, and protein in the seafood. The crust will give our bodies more minerals than a white crust or even a typical wheat crust. The sauce was an excuse to make gravy which we apparently need to do around here on occasion.
So is it the perfect health food? I’m not sure I’d go that far, but it was better than the original version because of superior ingredients. It was lacking in color and in enzymes (both of which could be remedied), but it was a lot of fun to eat.

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