The Gun Cabinet

We do not own a gun cabinet. We do not even own a gun. I don’t want this blog post to scare you off prematurely.
Sander and I are educated, liberal young people who have served Democratic Party candidates at various points in our lives. Sander worked for Madeleine Albright and I volunteered on the Dukakis campaign back in 1988. I think I still have the t-shirt. That’s pretty darned liberal.
We even still pretty much vote along those lines for lack of better options.
I attended Santa Clara University, was educated by liberal Jesuits, and celebrate my fifteenth reunion this spring.
Something happened to me along the way.
You hear about this when you are in college: college students are liberal, but once they earn money and have an interest in the current social structure, they become conservative.
It seems to be happening here slowly, but it’s not a money issue.
For Sander it seems to be about security and making sure his family is safe. For me, it is about making sure my family is well-nourished.
And it is in that context that the discussion of the gun cabinet came in.
I was standing in the kitchen just last week when Sander said “I am going to buy a gun. Scott and Dean are helping me select one.”
I picked my jaw up off the floor and asked why the sheriff and the postmaster were helping him buy a gun. He went on about types of guns and about the gun cabinet he has selected before he finally said “I want to have a gun in case we have a snake on the property.”
Frankly, I am the one who has been talking about learning how to shoot, but it’s because I want to learn how to hunt. If we had a snake on the property, I’d call Scott, Dean, or our neighbor Hans who shot a snake in his garden last summer. That makes a lot of sense. I would beat the snake with a stick before I’d call Sander.
“But you don’t know how to shoot.”
“You need the gun cabinet and gun first to learn how to shoot,” he explained.
“No, you need to borrow a gun to learn how to shoot. And I think you are missing a very important point that purchasing a gun cabinet is an opportunity to purchase an antique gun cabinet. Why are you looking at new furniture on line?”
I was granted two weeks to find an antique gun cabinet, so if you have a lead, please email me because my two weeks is about up. (Hopefully he isn’t paying a whole lot of attention to his deadline.)
I actually thought I saw an antique gun cabinet just days before when I was shopping for an antique pickle crock. The owner looked like a card-carrying NRA member, so it made sense he would have an old gun cabinet.
I returned to ask about the price of the crock. At $50 for a dinged up pickle crock, I decided to turn my attention to my other need.
“Did I see a gun cabinet in here last week?”
The owner was not in. The woman behind the counter with long gray hair and a peasant skirt hand-embroidered with flowers did a bit of a double-take and said, “I don’t think so.”
She had that tone.
Her response was a real wake-up call for me.
My God, how we’ve changed.
I used to eat tofu burgers and now I eat hamburgers – the kind made of actual beef.
I did not see that change coming.
The steer parts that are in my freezer right now came from an animal I saw slaughtered in February.
I did not see that change coming.
In college, I was always a bit of a peasant since I came from an agricultural area and was even a card-carrying Future Farmer of America. (Actually we may not have had cards, I really don’t remember, but you can see on this FFA history that I was very good at improving my homestead even back then.)
But in college I became a social scientist and went on to get a Ph.D., like all good Jesuit-trained students do.
As I plan I go back to my reunion in May for the first time since college, I wonder if they will let me in.
My guess is that there will be the liberals who turned conservative, the liberals who became Jesuits and are still liberal, the liberals who still work in the Peace Corps, and conservatives who were always conservative.
I may take a poll to see how many liberals or former liberals have a gun cabinet.
Apparently we will have one soon.

3 Responses to The Gun Cabinet
  1. Jennifer S.

    I am a former liberal with a gun cabinet. I am even a former vegetarian who plans on butchering her own chickens! I just happened to be thinking about yesterday how much things can change.
    BTW-Now I am a omnivorious libertarian ;)

  2. Hey Jennifer. I emailed my college roommate about this entry and she said “you’re still a liberal.” But I sure don’t know many shopping for a gun cabinet.

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