Beyond Organic MLM: A Healthy Business Opportunity?

Beyond Organic MLM

Jordan Rubin, author of The Maker’s Diet and founder of the wildly successful supplement company Garden of Life, has sold Garden of Life to capitalize an up-and-coming network marketing company (Beyond Organic, an MLM) centered around selling probiotic rich foods, grass fed meats, and a line of water products.

If the success of Beyond Organic MLM compares at all to that of Garden of Life, there will be people in 2012 making full-time living wages telling their friends about probiotic foods and grass fed meats.

If you have an interest in these great foods and have a mind for business, consider signing up now while it is free to build your business. There is no time like the present to take advantage of this ground floor opportunity. (If you sign up through this link you will be part of Beyond Organic Team Bedrock, a team of Independent Mission Marketers helping to build the market for probiotic-rich foods.)

Beyond Organic With Jordan Rubin

Beyond Organic was founded by Jordan Rubin, a successful health supplement marketer who inspired America to consume a more natural diet in his book The Maker’s Diet. Probiotic foods are a key part of his personal health recovery story from Crohn’s Disease, particularly the fermented dairy drink called “kefir,” a yogurt-like fermented milk. Jordan Rubin may have nearly single-handedly created the market for kefir in the United States with his testimonial of the crucial role kefir played in his recovery. The commercial market for kefir has flourished as has the market for kefir grains, the starter used to make kefir at home.

It is not a surprise that Jordan Rubin’s product line includes many probiotic foods.

Beyond Organic Amasai (Amasi)

Much like the fermented dairy beverage kefir, Beyond Organic introduces a fermented dairy beverage to the United States not from Eastern Europe as is the case with kefir, but from Africa. Beyond Organic is culturing the African fermented milk amasi under the trademarked name “Amasai.” Described in more detail on our article on amasi, this fermented milk has high levels of probiotic bacteria, including lactic acid types. The Masai tribe in Africa has valued it highly throughout its history and it is highly prized across the African continent.

As an added value, this prized probiotic drink will be made from “A2″ milk, milk derived from Asian breeds of cattle and associated with better health outcomes. It will be milk from grass-fed (“GreenFed”) cows producing higher levels of the beneficial Omega 3 and CLA fatty acids.

Beyond Organic Probiotic Chocolate

There may be no better reason to join Beyond Organic than this particular product, probiotic chocolate. It is loaded with probiotics, the plant-based Omega 3 fatty acid ALA, and wrapped up in dark chocolate goodness. Apparently the company plans to make these bars in abundance and allow business builders to build their business passing out samples of probiotic chocolates with their business cards attached. This and many other guerrilla marketing tactics will be used by our team to build Beyond Organic business opportunities for its members.

Beyond Organic Waters (Probiotic, Spring, and Botanical Infusions)

A portion of Jordan Rubin’s capitalization of Beyond Organic was purchasing a clean mountain spring in Georgia surrounded by organic farm land. The water is naturally clean, a diminishing resource in the United States.

This Georgia-sourced Beyond Organic spring water will be bottled as spring water for those who need a source of bottled water. However, the more interesting products are the probiotic water and the botanical infusions. The Beyond Organic probiotic water uses a probiotic that will live in water providing you with hydration and beneficial probiotic bacteria at the same time. The Beyond Organic botanical water combines pure spring water with herbal infusions to support good health. To date, botanical infusions include Reign Energy Infusion, Reign Diet Infusion, Reign Beauty Infusion, and Reign Fitness Infusion. Who doesn’t need each of these? :)

Beyond Organic “GreenFed” Beef

Jordan Rubin has advocated a natural diet for the animals that we do eat along with a natural diet for ourselves. He purchased 8,000 acres of ranch land in Missouri and a large herd of cattle to supply “GreenFed” beef, grass fed and finished beef. Along with cuts of beef, consumers will be able to purchase GreenFed beef hotdogs and sausages.

All Beyond Organic meats are Kosher.

Beyond Organic Review: A Good Business Opportunity?

Beyond Organic is in a prelaunch stage and will begin to sell products in the fall of 2011. Here in the summer of 2011, we are giving the Beyond Organic MLM a green light for those who value probiotic foods and grass-fed meats. In one year from now we see many people earning a full-time living telling their friends about the great health benefits of these kinds of foods. Whether the friends buy from the company and build the business further or whether they buy them elsewhere and improve their health, everybody wins.

The message of Beyond Organic is important and it is powerful. It is worth giving a go as a business.

At Team Bedrock, we hope you sign up somewhere and if you decide to sign up with our team, we would be pleased to have you. We are a team of guerrilla marketers who value the message of good foods and relationships and know that money follows.